Introducing Acosta Group

Brian Wynne Acosta Group letter

We connect people with the brands they love. This is our purpose.

It’s a simple statement, but one that’s powerful and meaningful. And it was one of the first things we defined as we began the process of reimagining Acosta nearly three years ago. 

At that time, our company was emerging from financial difficulties amid a global pandemic. Our work was cut out for us. We bet big on our associates, on our legacy, and on our ideas for what Acosta could become. We just needed the backing and the courage to make difficult choices and smart investments that would help our clients connect with their consumers, everywhere. It was time to evolve. It was time to change.

So, we changed. 

We acquired The CORE Group and merged it with Acosta’s substantial foodservice offering to launch CORE Foodservice, the largest, most progressive foodservice business in North America. We bolstered our foothold in the fast-growing natural and specialty foods categories by acquiring Impact Group. We acquired OeP and now operate a leading Amazon sales and marketing agency and we’re now one of a select few Amazon Fresh-approved providers. And we acquired Premium Retail Services, a respected leader in North American merchandising and assisted selling. Premium brought incredible relationships at retail and helped us expand our retail execution footprint. Today, we have the largest shared retail workforce anywhere. 

We also made other important investments to transform our business to meet the needs of the modern marketplace. We put in place a dedicated In-Store Services Team that addresses today’s most significant retail challenges across labor, technology, and execution.  Our new Digital Commerce business unit enables clients to bridge the physical and digital shelves by offering one-stop e-Commerce solutions. And our newly established commercial group is providing Acosta’s go-to-market teams with the tools needed to help current and potential clients to grow their businesses more profitably.

Still - through it all – our north star has been to connect people with the brands they love

Today, we acknowledge that we’re far more than the sum of our parts as we officially mark the transformation of our enterprise into Acosta Group. 

What is Acosta Group? 

The creation of Acosta Group is the culmination of a journey that began in 2020, and it is an important milestone for a couple of reasons.

Most importantly, it’s a platform that provides brand owners, retailers and foodservice operators with seamless access to a complete set of modern, best-in-class agencies and capabilities that helps them grow.  Our pillar agencies – Acosta, CORE, Mosaic, Premium and ActionLink – remain distinct entities with their own offerings and cultures. And the many agencies we’ve been fortunate to acquire over the years remain vitally important to the specialized, best-in-class capabilities we offer our partners.

More broadly, Acosta Group provides our company with a new enterprise brand name and bold story that unifies our agencies in a more complete and easier to understand way. In doing so, we are bringing together the best and most inspired talent in the industry to support our partners anywhere they need to grow.

Within every Acosta Group agency is a behemoth of knowledge, experience, expertise, and trust. If a brand needs HQ sales and back-office solutions, Acosta can help. Retail merchandising? Premium is there. Integrated marketing? Mosaic has you covered. Foodservice? CORE is your team. Complex merchandising? ActionLink is the expert. Data and insights, digital commerce, assisted sales and training – we can do it all from end to end, helping connect brands to consumers at any point in the journey. 

Ours is a momentum business, and we feel it. Here’s what I’m personally most excited about:

  • Meeting the moment by doing bigger and better things for our clients through the collective power of our people
  • Making it easier to do cross-agency business with our organizations
  • Restoring a legacy of excellence for a storied brand
  • Unlocking new opportunities for our amazing people to chart exciting career paths within our more collaborative organization
  • And last but not least, I’m excited by looking to the horizon; about tomorrow and the hard-earned optimism that the Acosta Group brand represents

Companies that don’t change don’t last. We recently celebrated our 95th anniversary, and we will continue to transform our company so that when we turn 100, we will be the best version of ourselves, ever.

I deeply appreciate the impact our associates, clients, customers, and investors have had on our evolving story. The next chapter of connecting people with the brands they love begins today. Let’s all write it together with the dawn of Acosta Group.

Brian Wynne
CEO, Acosta Group

To learn more about Acosta Group, download the press release below.