Acosta Promotes Colin Stewart to Executive Vice President, Business Intelligence

Colin Stewart Promotion

Jacksonville, Fla. (November 15, 2019) — Acosta, a full-service sales and marketing agency in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, announced the promotion of Colin Stewart to Executive Vice President, Business Intelligence, effective today. Over the course of his career, Stewart has become a prominent figure in the CPG industry, working directly with many well-known brands and retailers in the country, and even helping to shape the industry itself.

Stewart joined Acosta in 1999 as part of its acquisition of the Kelley-Clarke organization. At the time, Acosta was establishing a national footprint from what had previously been an industry with 2,000 local food brokers spread across the U.S. As retailers began to nationalize, Stewart’s work in category management and analytics enabled Acosta to offer clients highly competitive, next-generation analytics capabilities, including ForeSite and predictive analytics tools the company rolled out in 2019.

Stewart was instrumental in forming Acosta’s Insights team, known today as Acosta Strategic Advisors, which provides clients and customers with growth strategy, custom shopper insights and advanced analytics services. He established analytics centers of excellence at Acosta, which provide shopper insights, thought leadership, analytic tools and produce thousands of analytic projects each month for clients. Stewart also initiated The Why? Behind The BuyÔ, a highly anticipated annual report now entering its 11th consecutive year of publication.

“I’m so grateful for the career opportunities Acosta has afforded me, and I’m excited to start a new chapter here,” Stewart said. “I’m looking forward to initiating more predictive and automated solutions in the analytics space and spearheading our ongoing shift from data-driven solutions to shopper-driven solutions.”

“Over the course of his 20 years at Acosta, Colin has been undeniably influential in helping us grow from a regional organization into the nationally renowned company we are today,” said CEO Darian Pickett. “He is well-known and respected by clients and customers alike and will continue to be an indispensable asset to our team in this new capacity.”

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