Acosta and Pensa Systems join forces

Acosta + Pensa

We are excited to announce our partnership with Pensa Systems. View the news release for additional details.

Complementary value

Acosta is the market leader in helping CPG brands connect with consumers everywhere. The retail shelf is an important consumer touchpoint, and Acosta works with some of the largest CPG brands in the world to look their absolute best at many of the world’s leading retailers through strategic business insights and flawless in-store execution.

Pensa delivers the source of truth about what’s happening on the retail shelf through computer vision and advanced AI, digitally reconstructing the store shelf. From this digital reconstruction, Pensa quickly and automatically generates a broad variety of critical shelf insights CPG brands use to guide strategic shelf planning and in-store execution. Here’s an overview of how Pensa works.

The power of partnership

Pensa and Acosta together deliver the unique combination of highly accurate retail shelf visibility, strategic business insights and flawless in-store execution that enables those insights to drive impactful action.

Pensa’s shelf intelligence provides Acosta an improved understanding of how the shelf is being managed, which in turn enhances the analysis, insights and action Acosta delivers to customers and clients.

We are delighted that Acosta and Pensa have partnered to bring transformative innovation to the broader CPG market.

If you would like additional detail about the partnership or more information about how this partnership can help your business grow, please contact us.