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    The Chairman’s Award is a celebration of values

    A Chairman's Award is the highest form of recognition an Acosta associate can earn, and it is an honor just to be nominated.

    Each year, Acosta gives its associates, clients and customers the opportunity to spotlight associates who exemplify excellence and deliver above and beyond their daily work by nominating them for a Chairman’s Award. These nominations result in 130 winners as judged by the company’s top leaders and Executive Chairman. On September 27, 130 winners will be announced who represent the best nominations in the company.


    How it works

    Any associate, client or customer may nominate an Acosta associate or team for going above and beyond his or her defined role to become a shining example of the company. Nominations are due July 31, and winners are announced on September 27, the company’s Founder’s Day. Winners receive companywide recognition and a financial reward.

    If you have any questions about the Chairman's Award, please contact us.

  •  The 2017 nomination period has closed.

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