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  • Offering innovative services that drive brand awareness


    With our experience and expertise, you can build successful relationships at Costco. From presentation preparation to sales negotiation, we’ll help your company develop a comprehensive business plan to secure opportunities with Costco buyers. 

    • Assistance in the creation of effective sales presentations, product packaging and design information,
    • Comprehensive management and review of purchase orders and product forecasts
    • Identification of new business opportunities through daily activity with Costco’s buyers and management
    • New product research and analysis of the competitive landscape through quarterly competitive surveys and trade shows
    • Development, organization and management of Category Trade Symposiums for Costco to help merchants meet new suppliers
    • Attendance at all new Costco Wholesale warehouse openings and charity events
    • Timely updates about Costco operating policies, procedures and key personnel changes



    With our in-depth knowledge of Costco’s merchandising strategies, we can help you develop products and marketing programs that meet the needs of Costco and their members. Because of our understanding of what Costco expects from products, packaging, marketing (end caps, demos, MVM,etc.) and shipments we can drive incremental growth for your products. 

    • Development of strategic and effective marketing plans
    • Ability to showcase items to Costco buyers at ADW | Acosta on-site kitchens and product rooms 
    • Expertise in the design of package and pallet configuration 
    • Consultation about Kirkland Signature products
    • Vendor compliance, terms and conditions
    • Relevant marketing programs — expos, catalogs, cookbooks, and online monitoring of inventory buy-ins, product replenishment and ROI during promotions
    • Accrual and spend management system for demos, endcaps and multi-vendor mailers (MVMs)


    Information Management

    Proper preperation and clear communication are important for your product and program to be successful in Costco. As a conduit between Costco and you, ADW | Acosta makes sure everything runs smoothly from order management to payments. 

    • Item execution and administration — receiving, proofing and transmitting orders, plus handling weekly shipping reports
    • On-time delivery and proper setup for high priority order
    • Information and data maintenance across all regional offices and buying departments
    • Management of logistics and interactions with Costco’s Inventory Control Specialists
    • Portal access to purchase order reporting and vendor managed inventory
    • Address customer service issues from Costco’s member service department and quality assurance department and assist with complaint resolution
    • Respond to inquiries from warehouse personnel and corporate and regional buying staffs
    • Support Costco accounting in resolving debit balances, late payments and standard claim issues

    Category Knowledge Through Research

    Our full suite of consumer insights and research tools allows us to provide comprehensive intelligence into the competitive landscape, regional markets, customer preferences, in-store activity, and marketing performance. 

    • Analytics and insights into product forecasting, shipment and demo audits, as well as a comprehensive competitive analysis
    • Full suite of consumer and retailer research tools
    • Monthly newsletter offers a single source for all relevant Costco information
    • Commodity report provides a weekly update on 70+ items


    Food and Non-Food

    Our dynamic sales team is knowledgeable in both food and non-food channels, as well as branded and Kirkland Signature products. Using this insight and our long history with Costco, we can create customized plans to fit your specific needs.  

    • Expertise in branded and Kirkland Signature programs — food and sundries and non-food categories